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Enabling the circular economy for plastic packaging


Sensize tracking technology makes it cost effective to replace disposable packaging with high quality reusable alternatives


Why Track Packaging?

Everyone knows we need to move away from environmentally wasteful single use packaging. 

High quality reusable alternatives are available. When managed properly they can last for years and actually reduce costs. So why aren't they being more widely used?

The main problem is that it is almost impossible to manage the use cycle - manufacturer to retail to customer to washing facility and back to the manufacturer - without tracking. Items end up in the wrong place, fall out of the cycle and are lost. 

The Sensize tracking system offers practical way to track packaging wirelessly. This not only makes managing the use cycle easy, but also provides a wealth of additional  data:


  • Where is my stock?

  • Has my shipment got too hot/cold?

  • Has my shipment been damaged?

  • Is my promotion driving retail footfall?



Sensize Technology

It is not easy to make a tracker that meets the cost and battery life requirements for packaging. The Sensize technical team had tear up the rule book and start from scratch.


The result is a unique tracking that is centered on the idea that tracking devices should collaborate. It allows most packages to use extremely low cost hardware while still sending rich tracking data. 

​Sensize devices are easy to fit, never need charging (battery life of 5+ years) and work just about everywhere.  

Just as importantly, the Sensize tracking is affordable for all types of Reusable Packaging. Our unique technical architecture can bring the average hardware cost down to $2 per package.


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Want to help enable the circular economy for packaging? Passionate about reducing waste and environmental harm?

Sensize is a fast growing start up based in Cambridge UK. We are looking for talented engineers to join the team.


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